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Have you got the onions? The Freelance Jungle does! The Freelance Jungle is an Australian online support community aimed at ending the isolation inherent with freelance life and self-employment. It exists for information sharing, stress reduction purposes and deals with the daily life of being a freelancer. Six Onions has grown through invaluable advice and support from The Freelance Jungle community, so it’s a great pleasure to help support the jungle with Six Onions creative services.

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Oh you are soooooo goood at what you do! - love them. They will look fantastic on the website..... xxxxx [In response to receiving artwork for branded recipe cards for Cheeky Monkeys Play House OOSH and Vacation Care services.]

Cathy Beddy Owner of Cheeky Monkeys Playhouse
Cathy Beddy

I have had the good fortune to know Jessica Harkins, the owner of Six Onions, both professionally and personally for the last 12 years. I first found her through a shared love of vibrant and detailed jewellery, that my husband knew I would have to have. Little did I know at that time how far her skills extended. When I was able to browse the entire range, I found jewellery, clothing and artwork that was all exceptional and unique. Her ability to mix media and colours is something I hadn’t seen before. Turns out she’s also a graphic designer, which in hindsight makes perfect sense. When it came time for my wedding, I had a very specific type of wearable in mind for my guests, a woven cloth wristband such as you get at festivals. I knew exactly who I wanted to do this for me. Jessica not only liaised directly with the manufacturer for me and she created designs that not only fit his specifications but also managed to reflect my slightly quirky tastes. Skulls and weddings are generally not an easy combination. Jessica was a complete professional, unhesitatingly to anyone.

Lara Morrin ...also chose the supplementary onion of fashion.
Lara Morrin

K&B play Wordpress like a piano, circumnavigating it's restrictions in the most elegant style. I only work with the best, and K&B are it. Where previously my web design wings were clipped, they've made the sky the limit so I could design this site precisely to my desires. Come to Six Onions and let's design your site so we can go to them and they can give it life.

My Dev Gurus Onions work well with many distinctly separate recipes
My Dev Gurus

Six Onions produces and sells clothing created using Six Onions custom fabric prints, jewellery and accessories, customised jewellery display stands and mix-media sculpture for shop displays and video and photoshoot props. Working directly with clients I've created personal fabric prints and tailored pieces, based on supplied photos, images and dreams.

Wearable Art Six Onions Pop Punk Fashion, Accessories and Artworks
Wearable Art

The Swoop Inn is the best creative recruitment agency I've ever had the pleasure of being represented by. Their assessment processes allow them to accurately profile talent with pinpoint accuracy for a perfect client fit and their follow-up confirms their attentiveness.

My Agency Creative Recruitment and Talent Mangement
My Agency

Having worked on several projects over the last few years with Jessica Harkins, owner of Six Onions, I can confidently attest to her creativity and ability to think outside the box. Always professional, she's also very easy to work with.

Peter Bycroft Managing Director of COMPLiHR
Peter Bycroft