All the right ingredients for good looking design

Why Six Onions

To me, my recipes are priceless. - Colonel Sanders, KFC

Visual storyteller, rebellious thinker, strategic brand builder. Obsessed with designing good looking things, Six Onions Design will help you find the right ingredients in the perfect recipe for your creative needs.

The recipe for Six Onions Design requires, like a good French Onion soup, six onions. The onion of graphic design, and also the onions of branding, marketing, content, websites and photography.

Six Onions approaches each project like an onion with many layers, through idea, concept, construction, development and use. All important parts, layers of incarnation within a project, a design. Each of the six onions in the Six Onions soup represents a distinct area of creative service available to support all stages of creative development.

Like a good French Onion soup, you’re better off including all six onions.

The main onion of Graphic Design is supported by the no less important onions of Branding, Marketing, Content, Photography and Websites. These are then supported by the baguette of experience, the butter of diplomacy, and the herbs of good taste. And cheese? Cheese is good.

So, how many onions do you need? Like onions, ideas are plentiful, they come in many forms and can be used in many different recipes.

Full-service design for businesses with entrepreneurial courage.

French Onion Soup recipe